Freedom Outlaw Handbook Table of Contents

      Greetings, Fellow Conspirators

Chapter One
      Whew!  Some Things You Can Quit Wasting Your Time On.

  1. Don't get calluses on your fingers!
  2. "Don't vote; it only encourages them"
  3. Don't give in to the fear
  4. Don't assume an Expert is an expert
  5. Surrender the idea of your own incompetence
  6. Don't give your Social Security number
  7. Check your authoritarianism
  8. Don't confuse nothing with something
  9. Don't talk to strangers
  10. And don't "out" yourself! (Or let your associates "out" you)
  11. Quit cooperating with the police
  12. Don't get too hung up on financial security
  13. Don't Debate
  14. don't say anything you don't want the world to hear
  15. Stop sucking at the tit
  16. Don't respect the office
  17. Don't get all goo-goo about cops and soldiers
  18. Don't blame somebody else; "somebody" ain't doin' it
  19. Along these same Lines, everything isn't an illness
  20. Tell the friendly census taker to take off
  21. Don't forget the Bill of Rights
  22. Snap out of hypnosis
  23. Don't be used by your possessions
  24. Don't be a slave to debt
  25. Never beg for your rights
  26. Get your private information out of the public eye
  27. Don't pay more taxes than you must

    Better Yet:  Active Non-cooperation With Tyrants
  28. Attitude is everything
  29. An experiment in legal non-payment of taxes (but really much more than that)
  30. Break the rules
  31. NEVER talk with the feds
  32. Don't let the government control your kids
  33. Keeping the state from branding your newborn
  34. Your baby, the tax deduction
  35. Get started with PGP
  36. Use PGP intelligently
  37. The magical USB hard drive
  38. Surf anonymously
  39. Shunning
  40. Check your computer for keystroke loggers
  41. ...And for ad-aware, tracking-ware, and other commercial spyware
  42. Use Linux
  43. Buy Silver and gold
  44. If you must join a political party
  45. Evade speed traps, speed cameras, & red-light cameras
  46. More on protecting data
  47. Protect your medical privacy
  48. How to disappear
  49. Buying on the quiet
  50. Getting a drivers license without a Social Security number
  51. Put some power into your privacy
  52. Record your encounters with "authorities"
  53. Get rid of your dependencies
  54. A cute twist on refusing to give your SSN
  55. Know the difference between mala in se and mala prohibita
  56. Use a pre-paid cellphone
  57. Banishing your SSN
  58. Visualize Vermont carry
  59. Homeschool, unschool, private school
  60. Keep your sense of humor
  61. Assume all phones are tapped -- and the Internet too!
  62. Cover your assets
  63. Nothings true until you verify it
  64. Know where your line in the sand is drawn
  65. Cultivate cheap activities
  66. Close your bank accounts?
  67. Follow your Bliss
  68. Intimidate Back
  69. Learn your privacy rights and protect them
  70. Maybe you're already a "terrorist"

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