Click-bait. What it is and how it changes your mind

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?  That you would rather look at pictures that evoke your basest instincts than to take on the burden of Liberty and Freedom?

Click-bait works in a way that distracts your attention from something that could be meaningful and divides it between your rational mind and your "Reptile mind".  This is a propaganda technique that can change your habits and keep you from wanting to delve deeper into subjects that matter and may actually change something.

Its almost as though the internet has helped our culture to devolve into the parody film Idiocracy.  Where our attention spans aren't held longer than 140 characters, a text message when a call would be more prudent, and abbreviating words into text speak.

How often have you actually laughed out loud?  Is everything really that funny?  Do you ever notice the odd similarities between Double Speak from George Orwells 1984 and this text speak?

These are all mechanisms of control and social conditioning.  Advertising and marketing, Public relations.... those are all forms of propaganda.  It would do you well to investigate them.

Luckily this site provides such resources.

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