September 30, 2019

Fighting Indelible Ink or Fighting Dye From Water Cannons

How to fight against Indelible Dye fired from Police Water cannons

First we should understand what is in the Blue dye fired by Police at Protesters.  The Indelible dye has a component in it called Silver Nitrate.  This is the component of the dye that causes burns to the skin.  The silver nitrate also has a UV component.  So that even if the surface dye is washed off some sort of way, the UV reactive component of silver nitrate remains.  This is because it seeps into your cells and dyes it at a cellular level.  This sort of dye is used for elections and in science departments to increase visibility under magnification.

September 24, 2019

Impeachment, Joe Biden and Rosemont Seneca

Image Credit: ABC News

I want to start by saying that I'm not a fan of Trump, I didn't vote for him... and I think he can be revolting at times. His childlike explanation of things irk the hell out of me. Its easy to say terrible things about the man, but like it or not, he doesn't appear to be as dumb as people think.

Currently developing in the latest effort to depose President Trump, the Media is ablaze with indignation. An Impeachment meeting is scheduled for 4pm today (September 24th 2019) on the grounds that Trump utilized his executive position to leverage the Ukraine government to investigate Joe Biden's son for corruption.