October 11, 2017

Censorship and The Importance of Citizen Journalists

I wanted to take some time and bring attention to a situation that some of my readers in the Ukraine are experiencing.  Not only do I want these readers to have access to information without censorship, but I also want this situation to be brought to the attention of all free peoples of the world.  Some may herald the times we live in as more free than ever before, and it is this semi-complacent view which drives me to bring attention to those sections of the world, near and far, which may be experiencing media censorship.

Black Identity Extremists Likely Motivated to Target Law Enforcement Officers

A recent FBI document on Black Identity Extremism explains that individuals upset with "perceived injustice" may become more likely to target Law Enforcement officials.  While much of the report outlines assumptions based on "confirmed BIE (Black Identity Extremism)" such as the July 7th 2016 shooting by Army Reserve and Afghan War Veteran Micah Johnson; some of the language seems to show a slightly different narrative.  While I suggest that you read the entire report to gain a full understanding, here are some excerpts that I thought were worth mentioning outright. (Emphasis mine)