August 21, 2017

Homeland Security Labels Antifa: 'Anarchists'

A recently released Department of Homeland security document labels Antifa as Anarchists.

The document dated May 2017 was released by the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and preparedness.  It outlines the motivations of Antifa and outlines some recent confrontations between Antifa and white supremacist and patriot groups.

While the document does not particularly reveal anything new, it is somewhat troubling that they would be seen as anarchists.  Considering the flag associated with the group is a dead ringer for a
 paramilitary communist group in Wiemar Germany.  The 1932 banner reads "Antifashistische Aktion" which is easily translated as "Antifascist Action".  I'm a little uncertain how a group with such historically left leaning politics could be so carelessly thought of as Anarchists (traditionally a group of people that do not believe in rulers of any kind).

The beginning of the Antifa movement was in response to the very real threat of the rise of the fascist Nazi party in Wiemar Germany.  Wiemar Germany was marked by a time in which the country was reeling from a humiliating military defeat, extreme economic problems, political extremism (marked by left and right wing paramilitaries) and some rather contentious Geo-political relationships. (Sound familiar?)Rather than blame their leaders, the people of Wiemar Germany pretty much blamed the Nation itself.

This political confusion, relative Geo-political isolation and militant political extremism is precisely the atmosphere that allowed Nazism and other extreme nationalist ideas to take strong root.  While Wiemar Germany itself wasn't necessarily the product of a direct divide and conquer scheme by the Nazi party, the division and chaos as a result of war and injustice sure didn't stall the rise of Hitler and his brown shirts.  If anything it let opportunists destroy any semblance left of democracy and unify the country under a single-party State.

The Nazi's were able to gain power using many of the political strategies we know today.  Engage the
German SA
public through direct action, use political campaigns and marches to spread awareness, make promises to create strength and unity within the country, aim to drastically reduce unemployment, and to eventually form a militant response to all political resistance contrary to the central parties aims.  While its easy to associate Fascist methods with American Neo-Nazi groups, KKK style scumbags and other white nationalist fronts... its worth looking at the mechanisms of the rise to power and recognizing that it could be used by any particular political persuasion.

What is THE most important thing to recognize in our country, is that it is not just the people of our Free Republic that are at fault for the state of things, but this Government apparatus that's been steering the whole damn thing.  Couple that with the media's quickness to incite division and hatred among the governed and you might well question who or what body of people are vying for control of the country.  In this particular instance, it would seem a design by Government and the Media over time, to divide us among one another rather than unite us at all.

If we point our just anger for the state of this nation at our rulers, what might the outcome be?  We can all envision some dystopian response if we were to unify against Government with any meaningful progress.  What I ask you to do... is to envision a future in which we do nothing.  Or think what our children might inherit if we continue to be played by the media, wall st, the military industrial complex and the general government.

Any group, tribe, people or collective that espouses violence against free people should always be challenged by Free People.  Let us not give audience to hatred.  Let us take up our Self Defense.  Most importantly, lets not give rise to tyrants merely to satiate our individual fears.

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