June 6, 2017

We Have A Winner! (Spoiler Alert: It's not Reality)

Lets just dive right in here folks.  We are supposed to believe that a real human being named Reality Winner with active Top Secret clearance and next to no computer skills or knowledge; printed a document from a government computer and sent it post marked mail to apparently the most incompetent reporter in the history of the world.... all in the face of the information released by Wikileaks, The Intercept and Edward Snowden... on HOW TO PROPERLY LEAK DOCUMENTS TO THE PRESS!  Then.... the fucking reporter "According to the Justice Department" called the government with source materials in order to verify the information.

I'm no pro here... but it just seems like such a vast train of incompetence... that I can't take anyone involved seriously even in the slightest.  Apparently the Federal Government doesn't even have basic printer permissions security?  There was apparently no red flag or notification of print request or even a document request.  So.... Reality... just printed a Top Secret Document without a need or approval... and seemingly disseminated it in easily the most retarded way possible... via US mail... with the proper point of origin post mark of her Home Town... and what... didn't think she would get caught?  Winner!

In this situation, we are 'de-facto' made to believe that the report is true because of the human elements surrounding its release.  Where, to some, because of such obviously absurd details
surrounding the whole situation we question small details rather than the center point of the 'leak' the documents themselves.  An conversely we may get mired in what the documents purport to prove instead of investigated the eerie circumstances surrounding their release.

From Left to right:  NSA, CIA, FBI
In all of this... I can't help but laugh hysterically at the whole of the situation.  I'm waiting for Agent Mr. Bean to walk in... or some Benny Hill music to start playing... and then some beloved American spokesperson will dance on to the stage and say... "Got Ya 'Merica!!" Then the CIA, NSA, FBI and both political parties will all walk onto the stage and congratulate all of America for making it through, easily, the most absurd past eighteen years to ever have existed.  I certainly hope I'm not alone in thinking that this is all equally too convenient and expedient for the Deep State.

We have (however you feel about the Orange One) easily one of the most infantile and simple minded presidents of all time going up against this Octopus like Secret Governmental Apparatus... and are we to expect no lash back?  No effort on multiple fronts at character assassination and pressure to step down or fuel impeachment?  Are we to believe that the government's security apparatus is so weak and ridiculously simple to circumvent that such high tech instruments as the US mail and pressing "print" can leak highly sensitive information to the world?

Look, I run deep on conspiracies and I cover things from a fairly unique perspective from time to time.  People that know me have seen me become more and more correct over the years.  I really don't want to look at this situation in any light that its painted in:  Government Secrets are distributed by thumb drives, Lady GaGa CD's, printers and US mail.... and there is no way to prevent any of this?  Of the top two widely known distributors of leaked Classified and Top Secret documents known to man.... the #2 publication sent source materials to the government for verification and revealed source sensitive information to a government official?  Then... in some sort of weird effort to.... uh, make a stance???... Wikileaks issues a $10,000.00 bounty for information as to the identity of the Reporter in the matter?  I'm supposed to believe that the top two information sources are now going to be seen in a bad light and probably dry up in the most valuable resource in the last 20 years, truth, thereby making outlets for leaks scarce in a time when government has gone out of their way to persecute the truth?

I realize this probably all came off more as an angry rant than thoughtful journalism... but that's apparently what the people want these days.  To be the first thought.  To be number one.  To get it out there and then retract, redact, rework, re-do and revise.  Its high time we wake up to this mass delusion that passes for government and responsible reporting.

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