April 25, 2017

A Word Of Caution... History Repeats Itself


By: Jim Pera

Lately, it has become more common for commentators and pundits to admonish anyone who has the audacity to compare certain current events to those that happened during the Nazi era in Germany.

It is understandable why people have that opinion but I suspect, although it is echoed by both the left and right, that it is actually a strategic invention of the left designed to shame those of us who can see a analogy between what is happening today to what happened during the twenties and thirties in Germany as the Nazi’s were being born and coming to power.

The fact that we haven’t witnessed horrors such as the mass genocide of religious, ethnic and social groups  nor have we seen people who have different ideologies than those who wish to suppress them disappear or face assassination,  doesn’t preclude the possibility that those things couldn’t conceivably happen in the United States at some future date.

Hitler and his Nazi henchmen in Germany and for that matter Lenin and Stalin and their Bolsheviks in Russia didn’t start off as cohesive political bodies.

Hitler was a failed post card artist and street urchin from Austria who spent four years in the German Army during World War One and then settled in Germany after the war. He was originally assigned by the German Army to infiltrate a fledgling group of radicals and report on their activities. Instead, he became one of them and over the course of two decades became it’s leader and in that role one of the worlds most infamous butchers.

Hitler had very little talent. But his one asset was that he could mesmerize crowds with his fiery speeches. He practiced them before mirrors and perfected his body mannerisms and facial expressions so that those traits combined with his verbal skills could render an audience spell bound.

Stalin who became an even bigger butcher than Hitler was also a failed man. Here was a man who once studied in the seminary with the intention of entering the priesthood but who, somewhere along the line, became radicalized. He spent his youth as a street thug, armed robber and bully and with his gang rampaged around whatever area he happened to be in, holding up banks with the stated rationalization that the money he stole was for the “revolution” and not for his own personal gain.

Hitler killed Six Million Jews and caused the deaths of Fifty Million People who died as a result of World War Two which he started.

Stalin killed Twenty Million of his own people but was more or less given a pass because he was our ally during World War Two when we were fighting Hitler.

Both men were failures and malcontents in their personal lives.

Both men were afflicted with megalomania and narcissism.

Both men were paranoid.

Both men killed their enemies without any qualms but also killed their friends when they felt threatened by them as illustrated by Hitlers “Night of the Long Knives,” in which his enforcers , “the Brown Shirts,” were killed off in large numbers by the SS and the Gestapo. 

Stalin pulled off a similar act when he purged his military of most of it’s top generals during the mid 30’s killing many of them and setting the stage for a very precarious situation for the Soviet military at the beginning or World War Two when the Nazi’s turned on him and invaded the motherland.

So, what’s the point of all this?

The point is, that most Germans and most Russians didn’t see very far into the future and therefore ignored the warning signs that were apparent to some.

Both the Germans and the Russians fought each other in World War One, i.e., before the Russians withdrew and concentrated on overthrowing their CZAR and establishing communism. The average Russian probably felt that Communism, with it’s promise of equality for all and devoid of social class, would provide them with a utopia of prosperity and comfort. We all know that didn’t happen.

After the First World War, the Germans went home to a shattered country where a fledgling Weimar Republic was unable to maintain order through an increasingly difficult depression and it’s lack of all human commodities including food and shelter.

These situations both in Germany and Russia and eventually the Soviet Satellites made it exceedingly easy for the up and coming tyrants, Hitler and Stalin, to conquer the masses. What they couldn’t accomplish through propaganda or provoking riots and unrest they accomplished by force.

What started as beatings in the streets eventually became murder.

What started, in Germany, as book burnings designed to deny the public access to the works of authors, philosophers and those with views not conducive to the Nazi agenda, wound up as full scale censorship and the oppression of anyone who dared speak out against the Nazi regime.

Similar evolution of evil was taking place in Russia and in the Soviet Union.

So, what does this all have to do with current events in modern day America?
What I see is this.

We have the same type of people living in our society as did the Germans and Russians in the early days of the twentieth century.

Most people are detached from the turmoil that is going on in the streets of our cities and on the college campuses. They are, for the most part, content with their lot in life, their jobs and their everyday activities and if not news junkies probably don’t care that anarchists are burning down neighborhoods in the inner cities or attacking speakers on college campuses that don’t follow a leftist agenda.

Censorship is upon us as well. What do you think political correctness is? Isn’t the threat of job loss and ridicule censorship? Isn’t it censorship when one’s whole life can be destroyed because while voicing an opinion he can be dubbed a racist, a sexist a misogynist or any other number of derogatory things?

Germans and Russians no more thought they’d witness or become the victims of genocide or repression than everyday Americans do.

I’ll bet that the Germans and Russians of the 20s  or 30s who expressed concerns were probably tagged with the title “alarmist” just as many of us who see a grim future in this country if things aren’t turned around are.

Apathy, ignorance, denial and timidity by the masses in the face of tyranny destroyed Germany and Russia and it will destroy us if we let it.

Remember, it was Bill Ayers who once said that in order to realize his communist dream that reeducation camps would have to be set up in the deserts of the American Southwest.

He went on to state that up to Twenty Five Million Americans who refused to get on the Marxist train might have to be exterminated.

This hasn’t happened, YET!

It hasn’t happened yet because America still has some things going for it that Germany and Russia didn’t have going for them between the two world wars.



If we ever allow our First and Second Amendment rights to be taken away we will become the Germany and Russia of the 21st Century.

Watch this Thursday and observe how a conservative columnist is received at U.C. Berkeley.  That may give you an idea of what I’m talking about if it goes south. 

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