April 29, 2017

Interesting Protest Signs

The Unfairness of Equal Outcomes

By: Steven Horwitz
Originally Posted on Fee.org

When I talk to student groups about inequality, one of the first things I ask them to do is consider a mental experiment. Imagine a society in which, for example, the richest 20 percent of households earn an average of $60,000 per year and the poorest 20 percent of households earn an average of $10,000 per year. Imagine average household income overall is around $35,000 per year.
Only about 4% of the total benefits of innovation accrue to the innovator. The rest goes to consumers.

Why Do We Still Have High Expectations For Politicians?

By: Logan Albright
Originally Posted on Fee.Org

We all like to think we can spot a fraud and tell a charlatan from the real thing, but sometimes prejudice, assumption, and years of indoctrination make it harder than we might think. Maybe it’s a fundamental feature of humanity, or maybe it’s a product of society, but for better or worse, people tend to see what they expect to see. This point is often made in the context of racism, and it certainly applies there, but it also has a lot to do with the way we handle authority, and the confidence we place in those who wield it.

Elderly Couple Evicted, Thrown Out on the Street, for Failing to Pay Property Taxes on Their Home

By Claire Bernish


Albion, ME — Maine Governor Paul LePage wants to rewrite the law after becoming incensed at the plight of an elderly, disabled couple — one of whom is a veteran — who were evicted from their home of 33 years because they are too impoverished to pay tax

According to the Portland Press Herald, in December 2015, the town of Albion moved to foreclose on the “rundown camp” of National Guard and Marine veteran Richard Sukeforth and his wife, Leonette, when taxes went unpaid.

Then, the town put the couple’s home up for auction — it sold for just $6,500 — and the new owner, Jason Marks, kicked the two 80-year-olds to the curb last week.

April 25, 2017

A Word Of Caution... History Repeats Itself


By: Jim Pera

Lately, it has become more common for commentators and pundits to admonish anyone who has the audacity to compare certain current events to those that happened during the Nazi era in Germany.

It is understandable why people have that opinion but I suspect, although it is echoed by both the left and right, that it is actually a strategic invention of the left designed to shame those of us who can see a analogy between what is happening today to what happened during the twenties and thirties in Germany as the Nazi’s were being born and coming to power.

Rattling the Sabers of War

North Korea and the US are rattling sabers again.  Today North Korea launched a barrage of artillery fire near their port city of Wonsan.  This display of military might is in celebration of the 85th anniversary of the North Korean Army.

Great Street Art

 Some of the best Street Art you will see.

April 24, 2017

Refuting the Conservative Position on Libertarianism


 Below is my response to an article on Intellectual Takeout which can be found HERE.  All underlined portions were written by the author at the link provided.  Non-underlined portions are my response.  I encourage your participation.

Libertarians are good at explaining why the market works and why government fails, and they have made important policy initiatives in areas such as school choice. On the other hand, they actively oppose laws prohibiting obscenity, protecting unborn children, promoting marriage, limiting immigration, and securing American citizens against terrorists. These positions flow from core principles that have more in common with modern liberalism than with the American founding, and which threaten to erode our constitutional order even further.

The core of Libertarian philosophy is that we do not believe that a centralized authority aught to legislate moral, behavioral or otherwise philosophical circumstances in which no physical harm will come to parties involved.  Its not necessarily if or not we support an action as much as we simply do not support the Federal government or the State to be the arbiter of the matters.  So yes, neat solutions to complex issues.  Realizing that they don't need oversight from the state, and could be handled between the parties involved in the matter.  This radical idea that adults, when left to their devices, tend not to want to harm others where no incentive has been made.  I think the core principles flow from the minarchist principles the founding fathers had.  Their writings and teachings seems to be geared towards the least amount of the necessary evil, government, required to go on living as a society who's ideals are encompassed in Natural Law and Freedom and Liberty.  I really believe that it reinforces the principles of the Constitution more than any other modern political ideology.