July 16, 2015

Is Donald Trump Racist? Naji Dahi of Anti Media

Naji Dahi originally wrote:  Liberty For Joe I was very specific in what I said. In his first declaration for the presidency he made no mention of Illegals. He just took a shot at immigrants from Mexico. The original text is linked to in the article, please read it. The article is based on that original text. Go read before you accuse me of shenaningans. The man is a racist and he also said that the US should invade Mexico. That came after the article got published. Again go read it.

Your characterizations hardly scream Racism as much as it proves you wish to engage in political football. Most of your article consisted of link-backs and commentary on commentary.... just saying... there are better things and more honest ways to cover the subject without aiding the growing social justice warrior crowd in their cries of racism.

198 Methods of Non-Violent Protest and Persuasion

Below is a list of 198 methods to bring about change as outlined by Dr. Gene Sharp, Founder of the Albert Einstein Institution.  I stumbled upon this information while reviewing information in an Army Special Operations Command document on Assessing Revolutionary and Insurgent Strategies in the section "Underground Psychological Operations".