March 29, 2015

Freedom Outlaws Handbook 13-17


Don't argue philosophy or issues with people who disagree with you on fundamentals.  Waste of time.  You will persuade no one, but rile everyone, including yourself.  Don't you have something better to do with your life?  If you really want to convert 'em to the value of freedom, give 'em time, experience with the "helpfulness" of government, and maybe a good book.

Don't even argue with people who are close to you on issues unless you have a good persuasive powers and the issue is important to getting free.  Next to writing letters to congressthings, there is no greater waste of time than yammering about how you'd run some future utopia.  Yes, we need to have a vision of the future.  But there's a great difference between having a vision and moving toward it and merely chewing your intellectual cud while the real world goes to hell around you.