November 1, 2015

"What is Liberty?" ***Contest***

1500 Word Essay "What is Liberty?"
Interpretation of the topic and question is your own. The Essay can be less than 1500 words but not more than 1500 words. Must be written in English. There are no Age Restrictions. Submissions will be accepted for two months. The contest will end when all judges have read submissions and a winner has been determined. We are looking for best Essay. The one that sticks out the most, has the most compelling story or evokes the biggest response. When submissions have been narrowed down to the final Five essays, a 1st place winner will receive the grand prize. A Liberty Package!! Second place winner will be awarded a $50 dollar amazon gift certificate. There is no third place winner.
In order for your submission to be considered for the 1st or 2nd place prize, e-mail submissions must contain the following:
First and Last Name
E-mail Address
1500 words or less
Any submission that does not meet the above requirements will be disqualified in the event of a tie between judges. The winners of the contest will be contacted upon declaration of a winner. If there is no response within 10 days to confirm and provide us with a mailing address for prizes, the prizes will be awarded to the second and third place on down the line as required. This contest is not restricted to any country or to any age. Maximum submissions per participant is one. All essays submitted will be used periodically as content for Plagiarism results in automatic disqualification.

Submissions are accepted from the time of this posting until December 31st 2015.  Winner will be determined when all submissions have been read and a winner is declared by the judges.

Grand Prize is as follows:

Black Deer Outdoor Hiking Backpack filled with 'On Liberty' by John Stuart Mill, '1984' by George Orwell, 'Propaganda' by Edward Bernays, 'Freedom' by Adam Kokesh, 'Man, Economy, and State' by Murray N. Rothbard, 'Blood of Tyrants' T-shirt size large by Gadsden and Culpeper, HDE Glow in the dark Magnetic Pocket Compass, and a Philadelphia Liberty Bell Replica. (Over 100 dollar value)

Second Place prize is as follows:

$50 Dollar Amazon Gift Certificate.

Please submit entries to with the subject line: "What is LIberty? Contest"

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