November 1, 2015

Police Boycott Tarantino's Free Speech After Remarks at Black Lives Matter Rally

Recently I've been noticing an uptick in the mention of the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film "The Hateful Eight".  Mostly because police agencies around the nation are boycotting the film itself as well as future productions by Tarantino.
This stems less from the content of the film, which has a Main Character that is a Sheriff played by Walton Goggins, than Tarantino's statement at a Black Lives Matter rally.  Said Tarantino "When I see murders, I do not stand by… I have to call a murder a murder, and I have to call the murderers the murderers".  Context of this situation comes with the realization that the public is holding both its government and local police departments accountable for real and perceived brutality and tyranny.

I would venture to say that in the wake of NSA spying, IRS bully tactics, revelations of torture, indiscriminate bombing and outright assassination and murder those in power are beginning to feel their grasp slip.

The film takes place in a post Civil war Era.  A subject that has been very real in the back of peoples minds.  Apparently the movie is about 8 individuals trapped in a blizzard during a prisoner transport that is thrown into the drama of betrayal.  The trailer portrays the situation as all Tarantino trailers do, vaguely.

I was left with the sense (after this controversy) that the Sheriff is apparently not an actual sheriff because he wants to collect a bounty by killing someone who he "knows" is guilty.  This is of course my own summation as I have not actually seen the film or read the book.  Anyway, I am coming away with the message that Tarantino is attempting to point out that there are moral imperatives required of justice.  And that simply because a person claims him or herself a person of the law, it does not give them a right to murder a person without facing their judgement.

The task of delivering the fugitive to justice is being undertaken by "The Hangman" played by Kurt Russel.  He is notorious for taking individuals alive rather than dead, and delivering them to the persons that set the bounty.

To me, this represents the triumph and reason of private entities (the bounty hunter that works for profit) over the state representative (the sheriff) who works for steady pay and whatever else he can scrape up as a result of his position within society.  Of course I could be getting this comparison all wrong considering I've not been able to marry the context of this film with Tarantino's words at the Black Lives Matter rally and juxtaposed with the recent rise in anti-police sentiment.

In any case, I believe that Police are again tarnishing what they stand for as their boycott calls for "“We ask officers to stop working special assignments or off-duty jobs, such as providing security, traffic control or technical advice for any of Tarantino’s projects,” a statement on NAPO’s website said." - See more at:

What this amounts to when considering what Tarantino said is that police apparently do not agree with the idea that Officers of the law can engage in criminal activities up to and including Murder.

When considering the plain remarks made by Tarantino... it could be considered reasonable that Police not recive and special treatment as a matter of their position within society.  And if they do, then it is clear that police are above or at least some other section of society that deserves special considerations.  This is the core of the Black Lives Matter movement as I currently understand it.

Essentially, Black Lives Matters is concerned with the very real facts that Black individuals represent a larger proportion of the prison population in the US (The US has the largest prison population in the world) and draws attention to situations like the Cash for Kids Scandal in Pennsylvania.  A state that is in the top 5 states as the most corrupt.

All that this boycott by police is doing is proving that if you don't play ball, they will not do their job.  It is an effort to control speech and counter intuitive to the founding principles of individual Liberty which this country was founded upon.  It is drumming up support for the notion that the ruling class is far out of touch.  And people are starting to question why they ALLOW anyone at all to rule over them.

Sure, there are good individuals that are officers of the law.  And sure, there are black people and other individuals that are not state or federal employee's that are terrible people.  But the one key component lacking in this country is a sense of Justice, something that both Police and Black Lives protesters (among other less vocal groups) are clamoring for.

In my time in the Marine Corps (not asking for sympathy here) I was taught the notion of Leadership by Example.  And if the government we've had for the last 20 years is an example of leadership, its no wonder that so many are awaiting a US collapse.  If Officers were to investigate the root cause of all their ire, they would quickly find the absence of Justice on Wall St. and Pennsylvania Ave (coincidence with one of the most corrupt states eh?) and a decided effort by the Media to convolute matters among the body politic.

What we have is a situation in which the people at the bottom are infighting when they should be holding their masters responsible for the downfall of our country.  The police are missing the point that when the top falls, so does their authority.  Do the police want to be on the losing end of that?
The core message is essentially, that true Justice in this country is sorely lacking.  And if something is not done to fight back the imbalance of power, surely those protecting it (for whatever reasons) will feel the wrath of their boss.  The People.

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