November 28, 2015

Monkey See, Monkey Do

With the clear evidence and Media loudspeaker announcing the CIA's presence overseas and undoubtedly a host of other alphabet agencies operating in various parts of the world to train "Rebel Forces"; the US might take pause with its current global situation and recognize that it could fall victim to its own game.

Most Americans by now are aware that the US tortures, carries out secret raids, owns and operates secret prisons (some of which are not so secret), black sites and CMU's to quell dissent the world over.  In addition to these skills and techniques of importing democracy it is also a well known fact that mercenaries are utilized to tilt a situation to a more favorable outcome.  Many looking for a physical structure to indicate some sort of prison and haven't considered a digital one.  Walk the wheel Algernon.

Many people remember the contractors hung from the bridge in Fallujah, something I remember vividly.  What most DON'T remember is that these "contractors" were not plumbers, or engineers fixing schools in the area, but rather Blackwater operatives on "Food delivery service."  It may have been the case... but hindsight tends to paint quite a different picture with all of this new knowledge.  I heard scuttlebutt that those guys were delivering food to random houses at 3,000 fps.  Now I wasn't there, but thats what I heard.

I also heard some scuttlebutt that there was the first combat drop behind enemy lines in 40 years.
 Word around the geedunk booth was that some COMM guy heard a channel that said 4 out 4 open and asked a Captain what that was about and that Captain could neither confirm nor deny.  Anyway... you know scuttlebutt.

Point is, that if the US and NATO think that the ole USSR is going to cow tow in the midst of all indicators that the US (chair of NATO) is in decline.... welp... shux.  I'd have to say that the ole Ruskies will fight quite "conventionally".

The US has been so long overseas looking for villains that ole Lady Liberty has turned her back and can't see the tree begging to be watered.

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