November 26, 2015

Joe American's Response to on Lew Rockwell

First of all, big thumbs down to with their must register in order comment function.  That is the nature of this reply.  For marketing purposes or the purposes of terrible coding, they have opted for a "we must know who you are in order to comment function" on a Liberty oriented site.  Seem's counter active to me.

The article is entitled "Lew Rockwell gets it wrong on freedom and immigration."  The posted title reads "Lew Rockwell's Problem with Freedom."

While the article brings up several good points and thoughts that I identify with, I must be made for the record that the writer clearly does not understand the fundamental difference between Liberty and Freedom.  And even goes so far as to ask that very question while searching for meaning in what he names a Libertarian Propaganda News site.

What these men do, not to champion my masters or any such thing... is they are trying to be the bastion from which matters of principle are tested against Libertarian philosophy.  Freedom is quite differen't from Liberty.

This is something I've asked people to define for themselves on my website and have yet to have a single reply.  People do not know what Liberty is.

I'll tell you this though, if you do not have private property you can not have Liberty.  You may have freedom but you do not have Liberty.  Liberty is the reward reaped from a life led in Freedom.  Freedom is the foundation to Liberty... and if you can no understand this basic tenant then surely you will misconstrue all that is offered from this mind.

Its not some cult or some one explanation, its an individual journey that can not be mired by other men.  Its own your life and its existence to its fullest without stepping on others or preventing Liberty or freedom for another being.

You should never hold any publication of another persons thoughts to guide you towards your own Journey.  You should make it your own through the constructs of the journey's many parts.  Liberty is the highest form of freedom.

And as far as Rockwell's case for Libertarians against "Open Borders" you must understand that these guys are being tangible as well as philosophically sound.  Anyone that is aiming for Utopia is sure to miss the mark bud.

So, if given the chance between individual Freedom to a point where it can infringe upon someone who has done something without their approval, as a matter of law, private property absolutely takes precedence over individual freedom.  The same it would be as if it were my jacket, my wallet, my home, my land or my country.  If you do not seek to improve or enjoy it, you are in violation of the purpose of all that I have established, and therefore at my suggestion, you should leave or prepare to defend yourself.

This is a basic tenant of the fruit of a mans labor, you have no right to that which someone has built or cultivated simple because you are free.  You have only a right to that which you have cultivated or that of mine which I alot you to enjoy under whatever agreement.

Debate is surely something that I wish there were more of among intellectuals within the Freedom, Liberty and Libertarian movement.  And you can have those debates with these individuals if you put in time and effort and have a serious bit of information to offer.  I promise you that as a website owner and frequent reader of individuals on LewRockwell, I have nothing but replies from their writers directly with candid conversations.  Maybe none of it makes it public... but I assure you if you have a question, they will be in touch within a week or two.  So, the debate is not there simply because you choose not to have it.

You can not tell these individuals what is most important to them or why.  That is the essence of combining Freedom and Liberty.  The absolute Omega free man.

You question being led, and really... you can only be led if you choose to be.  So, take what you will away from what you read, however being led is all your choice.  If you are easily swayed by words before research... perhaps you're in the wrong party.  And perhaps a choice can be made for you.  If you want intellectualism... putting an article out like this is better than sitting back waiting for a response to a question you didn't ask.

I can't say I disagree with the bit about preferring property to freedom if indeed that is Rockwell's position, I do not agree because you say Rockwell is the source, but rather, I agree because in order to consider myself free, I must at least be able to act as I wish within the confines of the fruits of my labor.  That being my private property.

The underlying question of course being, by what right can you claim property?  And to that I reply, my vested effort in working the resources of the land or the skills of my mind and hand.   THAT is why I must prefer private property over freedom... because without it... I can not be free.  It is part of the born given right to exist, that you are capable of claiming at least a little bit of this life and this earth with which to make your existence prosper.

You seem to have thoughts stuck in the old way.  That ownership denies others their ability.  A basic intrinsic right to subsist without grossly effecting the rights or life of another makes you both free and living a life in Liberty.

Sure, we should have an open debate... and you have started it.  For your understanding... your site isn't friendly to anon's... but... maybe it will get back to you.  And we can have a conversation.

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