November 28, 2015

Monkey See, Monkey Do

With the clear evidence and Media loudspeaker announcing the CIA's presence overseas and undoubtedly a host of other alphabet agencies operating in various parts of the world to train "Rebel Forces"; the US might take pause with its current global situation and recognize that it could fall victim to its own game.

Propaganda: Un-Like Me Redux (Resume)

Think of facebook like the puzzle in the rat cage. Sometimes, you get a treat... and sometimes you get a shock.

The whole time you navigate your feed, you check little boxes that send off information to Marketers, Advertisers, investors, credit agencies and a host of other folks that pay to have you see their information, and use yours to sell it to you.

November 26, 2015

Joe American's Response to on Lew Rockwell

First of all, big thumbs down to with their must register in order comment function.  That is the nature of this reply.  For marketing purposes or the purposes of terrible coding, they have opted for a "we must know who you are in order to comment function" on a Liberty oriented site.  Seem's counter active to me.

The article is entitled "Lew Rockwell gets it wrong on freedom and immigration."  The posted title reads "Lew Rockwell's Problem with Freedom."

November 12, 2015

What is Liberty Essay Contest Prizes

This is a picture of all the prizes that will be shipped to the first place winner for the "What is Liberty? Contest."

This is also a reminder that we are accepting submissions till the end of the year.  We look forward to your participation.

List of rules.

November 9, 2015

Random Meme

November 6, 2015

The Real Issues You Won't Hear from the 2016 Presidential Candidates This Election Year

Picture by Mr. Ripley


The countdown has begun.
We now have less than one year until the 2016 presidential election, and you can expect to be treated to an earful of carefully crafted, expensive sound bites and political spin aboutclimate change, education, immigration, taxes and war.

Despite the dire state of our nation, however, you can rest assured that none of the problems that continue to undermine our freedoms will be addressed in any credible, helpful way by any of the so-called viable presidential candidates and certainly not if doing so might jeopardize their standing with the unions, corporations or the moneyed elite bankrolling their campaigns.

The following are just a few of the issues that should be front and center in every presidential debate. That they are not is a reflection of our willingness as citizens to have our political elections reduced to little more than popularity contests that are, in the words of Shakespeare, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

November 1, 2015

"What is Liberty?" ***Contest***

1500 Word Essay "What is Liberty?"
Interpretation of the topic and question is your own. The Essay can be less than 1500 words but not more than 1500 words. Must be written in English. There are no Age Restrictions. Submissions will be accepted for two months. The contest will end when all judges have read submissions and a winner has been determined. We are looking for best Essay. The one that sticks out the most, has the most compelling story or evokes the biggest response. When submissions have been narrowed down to the final Five essays, a 1st place winner will receive the grand prize. A Liberty Package!! Second place winner will be awarded a $50 dollar amazon gift certificate. There is no third place winner.

Police Boycott Tarantino's Free Speech After Remarks at Black Lives Matter Rally

Recently I've been noticing an uptick in the mention of the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film "The Hateful Eight".  Mostly because police agencies around the nation are boycotting the film itself as well as future productions by Tarantino.
This stems less from the content of the film, which has a Main Character that is a Sheriff played by Walton Goggins, than Tarantino's statement at a Black Lives Matter rally.  Said Tarantino "When I see murders, I do not stand by… I have to call a murder a murder, and I have to call the murderers the murderers".  Context of this situation comes with the realization that the public is holding both its government and local police departments accountable for real and perceived brutality and tyranny.