October 28, 2015

$100 Dollars up for grabs!!

I will give someone a $100 dollar Amazon Gift Certificate if they can coherently explain Bernie Sanders' plan with economic Data that is sound in its principles. I want to know how exactly socialism works and influences innovation and sustains a society. The article must contain a sound economic plan on how to implement all of Bernie's ideas.

Essentially, convince me why I should support Bernie Sanders. If you can convince me... the gift Certificate is yours... and I will advocate and vote for Bernie Sanders. I will film the whole situation and post it to my website.

Also, if someone wants to write a story about why people should support Bernie Sanders to be posted on my website, contact me and I will post your raw un-edited article without commentary to my website.

I have readers in over 110 countries.

October 26, 2015

Like it, love it, hate it... IDGAF.... READ IT!

America is a bomb waiting to explode (part II)

Sam Gerrans is an English writer, translator, support counselor and activist. He also has professional backgrounds in media, strategic communications and technology. He is driven by commitment to ultimate meaning, and focused on authentic approaches to revelation and realpolitik. He is the founder of Quranite.com – where the Qur’an is explored on the basis of reason rather than tradition – and offers both individual language training and personal support and counseling online at SkypeTalking.com.

Published time: 25 Oct, 2015 13:15Edited time: 26 Oct, 2015 15:52

© Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Last week I compared the US – and by extension all economies based on the same model – to Semtex. My exploration of this analogy both ruffled feathers and raised questions. This week, I want to address five of the most common criticisms the article generated.

Semtex seems stable. You can throw it, burn it, jump on it. But when you put the right detonator in it, everything blows up.
I think this is a fair analogy for the US at this time. Not everyone agreed.

October 17, 2015

The Speech that would elect the next president:

From the Guardian by Dan Gillmor

As the 2016 presidential election comes slowly into focus, my most fervent wish is for a prominent candidate to give the following speech, or one like it:

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedules to listen to me. I want you to do more than listen, though; I want you to hear me because nothing I talk about in this campaign is more important than what I'm going to discuss today.

The topic is liberty.

October 14, 2015

Random picture

October 3, 2015

Joe American's Response to the tattered stinking rag that is: Rolling Stone

I was in a chat and someone asked what my responses to this article would be... so I took some time to just be real with all this garbage being spewed from the tattered butt-hole that is Rolling Stone. My first retort would be... tough shit you're tired of hearing them. I'm tired of hearing from people that don't own, like or want me to have guns... about why people shouldn't own like or want guns. Shut the fuck up already.

But... sure... point by point.