August 10, 2015

Video of Gun Battle at 1 Year Anniversary Protest of Shooting Death of Mike Brown in Ferguson!!

Though it is not clear who is firing the shots or who is being shot at or why... it is apparent that a gun battle broke out on the streets of Ferguson this evening.  The shots were fired while the newly hired interim Chief of Police Andre Anderson, was addressing the media just a few hundred feet away.

There are reports of an officer involved shooting, but media reports that there have been no police harmed.

Reports of Looting on West Floresant.

It has been confirmed that around 50 looters attacked a Beauty Store in Ferguson which may have lead to confrontations with police Sunday night.

Reports of a Female officer being taken to the hospital after getting hit in the face with a brick.

Ferguson police are reported to be using tear gas in the area.

Police also say that smoke has been deployed in the area. "You can't tell the difference between smoke and tear gas." said Police Chief Jon Bulma.

Police are said to have been organizing "pod style patrols" in the area on the east and west sides running north to south.  After being hit by bricks and bottles police staged their vehicles.  Police organized cars with lights and sirens from south to north that had an unintended effect of driving protesters directly towards police.

The plain clothes officers were said to be in the area to "Spot shooters, because its easier to identify protesters that way."

Plain clothes officers were monitoring an individual that police believed to have been armed.  It is assumed that four of the unidentified persons with the individual in question were believed to be armed.

Police estimate 40 to 50 shots in an exchange of gunfire between two groups on the West side of West Florissant and individuals on the east side of West Florissant.  At this time, no other shooters have been identified in the exchanged of gunfire outside of the strip mall in the video below.

This is a separate incident from the officer involved shooting which was south of the gunfire in the video.  Reports say that 18 year old Tyrone Harris Jr., a close friend of Michael Brown, was involved in the shooting outside of the strip mall fled initial gunfire southbound towards police before opening fire on police in a van nearby.

Four officers chased the individual, later identified as Tyrone Harris Jr..  Harris is now in critical condition in a local hospital.  It is believed that Harris was shot after he opened fire on police in a van while fleeing in an SUV.  Police later said that a foot chase ensued and the Tyrone Harris Jr. was gunned down in a back yard nearby.

Chief Jon Bulma stated that Harris was carrying a stolen 9mm Sig Sauer.  To me its a curious mention so early into the events.  I wonder how they were so quickly able to determine the gun was stolen.

Tyrone Harris Jr. Was identified by his father as he was undergoing surgery at a local hospital.  Harris Sr. was quoted as saying, "We think there's a lot more to this than what's being said."

Police initially claimed that the shootings were going on at the same time.  Additionally they stated initially, that both shootings were unrelated.  Though as the story progressed, police later claimed that the shootings were in fact connected.

We are awaiting more information as it happens.

(Information from Press Conference with Police Chief Jon Bulma)

  We will bring you more as we find more information.  If you or anyone you know lives in Ferguson, please contact us with any information you have.  Thanks.

Here is an article written earlier asking if or not Mike Brown is the New Crispus Attucks.

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