August 15, 2015

Police Prisons and Propaganda

This video is already banned in Germany.

See my piece on Propaganda Here.

There has never been a more tumultuous time than now.  Now is all we will ever have, and we must do something about the overreach of government in all its forms.  What we are witnessing today is a backlash by The People towards the State in all of its forms.  When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

One of the central components of the recent rise in community violence is the inability of state and federal enforcers to connect the people's righteous indignation with reality.  We live in a time where if you have enough money you can circumvent the rule of law.  Or with a big enough check, political actions can be purchased at the expense of the general public.

With this level of systemic corruption and the unequal application of justice throughout the Beltway; how can people at the bottom, paying with their lives, be expected to utilize a broken political process?  Protests are routinely confronted with the might of a recently militarized police.  Bought and payed for by Joe tax payer and distributed by an irresponsible government.  It is reasonable to expect rebellion when a voice, protest and redress of grievances are ground to dust by a wealthy political ruling class.

The oddity of this experiment in control by government, is that there is a clear double standard.  There is no "perceived" injustice; it is a daily news headline.  There is no "perceived" inequality; it has been serving the powerful for decades.  From government officials circumventing prosecution for the prestige of their office, to avoiding prosecution by using powerful allies to destroy evidence... from Wall St. robbing millions and getting a bail out, to government officials utilizing inside information to wildly profit.... from the persecution of whistle blowers that shed light on illegal activities within government, to a clear track record of torture, assassination, spying, murder, experimentation, domestic torture facilities, overseas black site prisons, illegal wars of aggression, rule by executive fiat.

There is a clear design by government to make the public passive to its own destruction.  We have THE largest prison population on the planet.(here is an article I wrote on Prisons in America)  Our country utilizes the police as a revenue collection service, one that is not a direct tax.  The IRS has been utilized for decades as a weapon of political and financial destruction.  Media, once a voice for the people to expose government, has been co-opted as a fourth branch of government.  How would any reasonable person be able to come to a conclusion that things are okay?  Why would oppressed peoples within this country lay down and take this anymore?

The riots in Ferguson, Baltimore and Oakland started as calls for justice for the killing of its communities citizens.  It has since been turned into a large political voice.  Right now its "Black Lives matter" and every now and again you see the "All lives matter" crop up.  People are pissed.

The Black Lives Matter movement is due some respect and consideration.  The vast majority of these people are not saying "only black people matter" but rather that for well over a hundred years or more they haven't mattered enough.  Black people are our most oppressed class of people, just behind Native American Indians.  When you see a design to destroy the quality of the lives of your people for no other reason than the color of your skin, its hard to shake that as the reason for the way things are today.  What these situations have done is brought community together, and now people are talking.  They're talking about YOU government.  They're telling one another of the time that their friend, cousin, brother, sister, mother father and grand parents experienced some form of oppression.  What did the Government do in return?  The sent in their state collection enforcers to kick the hornets nest under the guise of protecting the people.

Tell me, how did your MRAP's, tear gas, batons, riot gear, sniper rifles and LRAD systems protect anyone but the institutions of government and government officials?  Police and National guard did not protect any people.  They were insulation against the peoples anger.  And sad to say it... but the police are playing the fool.  Fighting against their own best interest, their own communities by: enforcing law against unjust non-violent crimes, collecting revenue for the state by sending people to private for profit prisons.  In some cases police have been caught funneling individuals into the prison industrial complex for in pocket profits.  A level of corruption that went as high as the State officials and all the way down to the arresting officer (Cash For Kids Scandal).  Its no secret that the agency of the police is a corrupt institution.  Its been that way since prohibition and almost certainly before then.  I've writing about prisons here.

I want to be clear that the idea, what police think they are doing, is not a bad thing.  There is certainly a place and a time for brave men and women to confront evils in this world.  But I would be remiss not to remind the police that they can police their own, police government and enforce JUSTICE.  Not what the government says justice is, but what your conscience tells you justice is.  The people don't want a fight with individuals, they're clearly fighting against and institution.  One that police uphold through willful negligence or cold indifference and the thin blue line.

This narrative that the people's anger and these riots are only a result of "Thugs" and criminals in a quest for "free shit and destruction" is exactly why government and the police don't understand whats going on in the US.  That same narrative also neglects looking further up the ladder, to the top rungs of government and realizing that they are setting an example.  Their example is one that says "If you have enough power you can get away with anything."  The people at the bottom have only their numbers as currency to power.

If the government isn't careful, they may soon have a real rebellion on their hands.  One in which MRAPs and riot gear will not be sufficient.  Oathkeepers exist and they protect the people.  I have no doubt they will go down swinging.  We see YOU, government, training in our streets.  We see you utilizing propaganda in the media and on TV.  We know about your corruption.  We know how money changes hands for power.  We know, for the most part, that the election process is a joke.  With your standing in the world, the people within your own country are the only ones that have not turned their backs... and as you can see even THAT is fast approaching.

See my New Declaration of Independence.

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