August 23, 2015

Hippy Dave

I was Listening to Neil Young... Old Man Live at Massy Hall.  And It made me recall this 68ish yeah old man.  I met him when I was fresh out of the Corps.  I worked with him in a Kitchen.  We both started as Dishwashers.

He was one of the coolest old cats I'd ever met.  I remember when I asked him.... "Hey man why don't you want to do something other than dishes?"  And he'd always reply... "Cause thats all I have to do."

August 22, 2015

Liberty For Joe Lands an Interview with Deez Nuts!!

Here at Liberty For Joe, we are committed to bringing you the best news for Liberty.  We are pleased to announce that we will be conducting a VIDEO interview with Presidential Candidate Deez Nuts.  We realize how important National matters are to our readers so we want to extend to you an ability to participate.

August 20, 2015

Support for Deez Nuts!

Liberty for Joe would like to put its support behind Deez Nuts.  Essentially what this is, is a campaign of no confidence.  Its a message to Washington and the Beltway Elite that regular Americans have had enough.  Staying home on election day is no longer an option.  We have to go out and voice our dissatisfaction with the political process by an active vote of no confidence.

August 15, 2015

Police Prisons and Propaganda

This video is already banned in Germany.

See my piece on Propaganda Here.

There has never been a more tumultuous time than now.  Now is all we will ever have, and we must do something about the overreach of government in all its forms.  What we are witnessing today is a backlash by The People towards the State in all of its forms.  When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

August 12, 2015

Help Liberty For Joe Get into Video Production and Documentary Making.

Here at Liberty For Joe, I am dedicated to bringing you the best and most current information related to the cause of Liberty.  While I'm able to spread the message through the written word, I think that we can be more effective in spreading the message by adding Video Production capabilities to our cause.

I have researched a cheap and effective way of bringing quality productions to the fight for Liberty and collected essential equipment in a wish list on Amazon.  If you would like to contribute to the cause, consider helping Liberty For Joe obtain the necessary equipment to bring you quality Documentaries, ground breaking video reports and tantalizing videos to help make the case for more Liberty.

I thank you for you time and look forward to bringing you the highest quality and attention to detail as possible.


If you wish to contribute in another way, please use the contact form located at the bottom of the web page.

August 10, 2015

Video of Gun Battle at 1 Year Anniversary Protest of Shooting Death of Mike Brown in Ferguson!!

Though it is not clear who is firing the shots or who is being shot at or why... it is apparent that a gun battle broke out on the streets of Ferguson this evening.  The shots were fired while the newly hired interim Chief of Police Andre Anderson, was addressing the media just a few hundred feet away.

August 8, 2015

Freedom Outlaw Handbook Better Yet: Active Non-cooperation With Tyrants

"Let them march all they want, so long as they continue to pay their taxes."-- Gen. Alexander Haig, Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan

Each of these Chapters is intended to have an intro.  But you know what?  I look at that quote from Alexander Haig, and it says 10,000 times what I could say.  As long as we obey and pay, our masters don't give a flying Philidelphia you-know-what about any of our worthless little opinions.  And that goes double for our quaint little petitions, letters, and pleas in public forums.

August 7, 2015

Fox News Republican Debate: Win for Big Government

Unfortunately I watched the parody of the election process on Fox news.  It was centered around inane questions, sound bites, cliche's, rhetoric and a decidedly slanted amount of time allotted to certain people over others.

The rules of the debate were 1 minute timed answers with the possibility of 30 second timed rebuttals or follow ups.  I'm not sure if the moderators knew how to run a stop watch because save one candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, all candidates went over the allotted time.  There was a grand total of 39 buzzer or time violations.