July 16, 2015

Is Donald Trump Racist? Naji Dahi of Anti Media

Naji Dahi originally wrote:  Liberty For Joe I was very specific in what I said. In his first declaration for the presidency he made no mention of Illegals. He just took a shot at immigrants from Mexico. The original text is linked to in the article, please read it. The article is based on that original text. Go read before you accuse me of shenaningans. The man is a racist and he also said that the US should invade Mexico. That came after the article got published. Again go read it.

Your characterizations hardly scream Racism as much as it proves you wish to engage in political football. Most of your article consisted of link-backs and commentary on commentary.... just saying... there are better things and more honest ways to cover the subject without aiding the growing social justice warrior crowd in their cries of racism.

It would have been tolerable had at least even tried to be objective... but it seem'd like you wrote the headline and then found information to fit your narrative. This reads like so many pieces that IMO are the exact thing the ANTI-MEDIA strives to distance themselves from. You seem to have completely glazed over the very real things he said which were positive in addition to his track record on the matter.

I am by no means advocating Trump here as much as trying to hold a respected publication responsible for clearly biased MSM style useless breeder style articles. I look to this publication for information I didn't know, not information parroted incessantly by the 4th Branch of Government.

You cite as proof of your claims that some other guy in 94 ran a campaign based on racist unconstitutional immigration policy and oh yeah Benjamin Netanyahu did too. To me, this is where most of your resources are cited and yet it has nothing to do with the heart of the cherry picked article that precedes it. Not only were you not objective but you missed the bigger story right in front of your face all to jump on the Fuck Trump Bandwagon, perhaps for personal reasons... who knows.

Anyway... If I was your editor, I'd remind you of your responsibility to your readers and encourage you to pursue the bigger story "How immigration policy drives the mass." Or perhaps "Is Donald Trump using an age old tactic?" If you're going to use recycled garbage at least bring a fresh perspective to the table, rather than parroting the observations of politico, CNN, MSNBC, ABC et al.

In any case, I look forward to your follow up piece on how immigration policy and general forms of nationalism send a country down a road that not many Americans or others in the free world would like to go down. Then maybe temper it with some information on what can go wrong in a country that has rampant immigration and completely open borders.

I also take large issue with your statement "He refused to back down even after major corporations dropped him" as though somehow he should have bent to his corporate overlords, or maybe it was a poke at his net worth... I'm not real sure because apparently, neither are you. That statement reads like so much worshiping of the state and the court of public opinion that its ridiculous. While his position may be abhorrent to you I hardly see it as a point of mention that he has stuck to his guns in the face of corporate pressure to change his views to the bending fickle public.

Finally, if you wish to insult a large portion of the country, at least be a bit more direct. You seem to suggest in the underlying tone of your article that Trump is only seeing a surge in the polls because those who would support him are as racist or more racist than his obviously (according to all of the media) racist views on all immigrants, when perhaps it might be argued that ILLEGAL immigration hurts many Americans in diverse ways. Additionally you seem to suggest that there is no separation between ILLEGAL immigrants and immigrants in general, and in fact go on to point out that Americans are bigger pieces of shit than even immigrants are.

Unfortunately you have neglected the facts by being unable to separate the illegal subset from the legal subset and have only painted a picture of your inability to critically think about information. I'm sure you will staunchly defend your parroted narrative that was packaged and sold to you by other media, but for the love of everything, please leave that shit off of alternative media. You're poisoning the well bro.

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