July 22, 2015

Donald Trump Still in the News

Donald Trump's rise in the polls has been attributed to many things as of late.  I think it merits a more in depth look as well as a more intelligent observation with respect to Trump's cunning.  For such Observations we need look back to 1970's Britain.

The atmosphere of politics in Britain at the time was one of political football between the parties.  A group of incumbents revolving the door to power while, for the most part, their constituents were left choosing between two wings of the same bird.  As things went forward a disdain on the Right became apparent and a call to action was all but murmured.

In an effort by the Right wing to regain power while attempting to also refresh the voter base, they proposed someone outside of the political mainstream to take advantage of a party in shambles.  Margaret Thatcher was by no means a shoe-in, in fact she was of a rather extreme end of things.  She specialized in direct confrontation with establishment politicians of the time from both sides of the aisle, something a disenfranchise voting base could identify with.  In direct contradiction to all the prevailing wisdom and popularity polls of the time, she gained power and went on to be even more divisive and confrontational.

What she knew that most had not given thought to, was that having a definable direct enemy to confront would rally the base.  She also knew to polarize things in a way which made the standpoints of various politicians and governing bodies apparent; causing officials to be more direct with their positions.

What we are seeing now with Donald Trump is very much comparable.  Though surely the positions have changed, as have a few of the circumstances.  But largely, we are witnessing an unconventional successful businessman being unapologetic in a time where feelings seem to be the concern.  What we have been faced with in this country for some time has been a lack of direct, distinct and competent leadership.

Now it is not my contention that Donald Trump fits this bill. However when stacked up against the same old politicians we've been watching for decades, Donald Trump is rallying a fractured base behind action and an American style of leadership that is all but gone from the beacon on the hill.  If the media and Washington is not careful, they may create the exact conditions they wish to avoid by continuing to neglect the real issue, the qualities that the American people want in a Leader.

As history witnessed with Thatcher, what began as some rather appalling qualities and an apparent staunch attitude eventually went on to define her as a great politician.  Her economic decisions and unwavering conviction resulted in her becoming arguably one of the most well known and celebrated Political figures in Britain's history.

We should be careful that we don't repeat the Falklands in Puerto Rico and conflict with Argentina in ISIS.  The more that Americans are polarized and ignored by Beltway politicians and the Mainstream Media, the more likely it will be that a caricature of American Exceptional-ism will win favor in the public eye.

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