May 12, 2015

Effective Communications (JADE HELM edition)

I've noticed an inordinate amount of arbitrary information from people that are following US military movements throughout the country.  Random pictures with military equipment, video's from years ago and just a general lack of viable communication.

Its encouraging that so many people are concerned about major military movements, but what can we learn from this that could be helpful?


Communication is key in any sort of crisis.  If its relaying information to a 9/11 dispatcher in the event of an emergency, or giving your fire-team information about enemy troop movements; keeping a calm demeanor while relaying the most clear relevant information can decide between victory or defeat and life and death.

One of the most famous and basic methods of relaying such information is called a SALUTE report.  Typically this form of report is relayed by an officer or the person directly responsible for communications in a given situation, but learning its methodology and why it works will help you to become a more effective communicator in crisis situations.

First we can examine the breakdown of this report using the following image:

As it pertains to military movements it becomes apparent the nature of the report.
  • Size of unit (this can be an approximation, however the more accurate the better)
  • Activity the unit was engaged in (What were they doing?)
  • Location of the unit (you should note the location as exact as possible including cardinal direction)
  • Unit description (anything that would identify the unit to other people paying attention ex: tanks with their unit number identification if known, or a description of uniforms and gear)
  • Time (include the time preferably in Zulu or with designated am/pm and time region ex: 1600z or 4pm central)
  • Equipment or special notes (Is there anything that you notice out of the ordinary?  Any particular piece of equipment that is note worthy?)
This is the official method of reporting troop movements or military equipment movements.  While you might think that this method of reporting could not be beneficial to you elsewhere in life let us examine it in another light.

If you were to make a call to 911 you might find this report to be useful.  All of this information will likely be asked of you by the dispatcher, however its great to already be thinking about that information before it is asked.  Remember that this is an emergency and there is a possibility that the dispatcher may forget to ask a question.
  • Situation (Whats going on?)
  • Activity (What are you doing about the situation?)
  • Location (Where are you?)
  • Understand (Ask for clarification.)
  • Time (how long has the situation been going on? has this happened before?)
  • Equipment (Things like medications, special circumstances that an injured person could present)

Other reports that might be useful for those tracking Jade Helm vehicle and troop movements might be:

Motor Vehicle Warning Report
  • Unit call sign (Who you are or where you are located ie: Colorado springs, CO
  • Time of observation
  • Location (this is where in the point of movement you spotted the vehicle movement ie: middle of train.  or, from highway open field exercise)
  • Estimated number of vehicles
  • Equipment (what type of weapons or special equipment is of note?)
  • Direction of movement (try to always include a cardinal direction and a nearest known road or landmark ex:  East bound Hwy 90 or North bound from Schitt Creek)
  • Estimated speed (Try to approximate, but realize that most military vehicles do not travel over 65)
  • Formation (Open, column, train... In what way was the movement organized?)

While most of these reports are centered around vehicle movement, they can be utilized for troop movements as well.

Some other handy facts that may help in informing people of vehicle movements is knowing a few things about how roads, highways and interstates work.

All interstates that have a number under 100 are main or primary interstates.  From those numbers all evenly numbered interstates run east-west and all odd numbered interstates run north-south.

When encountering a spur or a loop... it will hold the designation of its parent interstate or highway and all three digit designations that start with an odd number do not return to the parent interstate.  All three digit designations that begin with an even number will return to the parent interstate or highway.  (Examples provided below)

For more information on how roads, highways, interstates etc. work please refer to these links:

In closing, while it is apparent that tyranny is growing and rights are shrinking, we shouldn't let emotions get in the way of good information.  Being aware and providing useful information towards the cause of Liberty and Freedom can only make us stronger.

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