April 30, 2015

The Latest Claim about Freddie Gray

"Speculation is the enemy of Truth"
The Latest buzz and narrative being pushed to quell the people's anger and divide us is that Freddie Gray did this to himself. Through character victimization, new and conflicting reports and a host of other divisive techniques it becomes apparent that the wool might be being pulled down over our eyes.
I don't understand.... usually the testimony of a criminal is not trusted... unless of course it helps the police. It would be potentially helpful for someone that was recently arrested to help police blame the victim... and we know that cooperation with police in any form usually ends in lessor charges.

Not saying its the case... but its certainly food for thought.

Thinking further... if Freddie was secured properly in the van... the only damage he could have inflicted upon himself would be to the upper body predominately to the back and front of his head by violently thrusting himself forward and back to bang his head and neck against the sides of the container.

A simple autopsy could support or defeat this claim further calling into question this strategic release of information. If support was needed they should have had testimony from the officers driving the van rather than another criminal in the back that as far as information shows wasn't even in the van until after two stops previous. One of which information shows that police say he was laying on the floor asking for medical attention and had to be put back onto the seat. If Freddie was being combative he should have been restrained... but at no point by admission of police was Freddie restrained. His apparently Limp body as many have noted didn't seem to be so irate that officers were worried that he might harm them or himself. I think the much more likely situation is that Freddie was injured before being in the van or after the first stop and perhaps became more injured in transit to pick up the second prisoner. Assuming that this second prisoner whom claims to have heard thrashing about, likely heard an injured Freddie gray writhing in pain after having his spine severed previously. There are also reports that say that the second prisoner claimed that Gray was "Mostly quiet" as reported by Jayne Miller after a conversation with Commissioner Anthony Batts on 4/23/2015. Another curious development is that Freddie Gray's arrest record has been circulating on social media so as to suggest that his character warranted his beating and eventual death. Given the predominance of cases like this to disappear or end in mostly impotent applications of Justice, I'd say that the people have righteous anger.

It seems to me that this is an attempt by media and police to create a sort of "impartial source" of information as to what might have occurred. And muck up the waters to further divide consensus as to what happened. A United States is not easily defeated, but a fractured one is easily led. We've learned this from the Revolution and Civil Wars. How can we reasonably believe the State when they have so obviously lied about greater crimes like: torture, rendition, assassination, government spying, murder, experimentation on citizens, invasions of entire countries and a host of other every day and historical examples. There is a reason that we distrust government and media... they represent a interest that is very apparently not that of its people.

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