April 24, 2015

Adam Kokesh: Grand Junction, CO American Campfire Freedom Tour

First let me start by saying that the video is well worth watching.  I appreciate what Adam has done in his efforts towards helping others realize their inner strength and personal freedom.  You can see as much by my references to him throughout the site.  Including the Liberty Library, the Video Library and links to his site.

I know I'll catch hell for being the Devil's advocate here... but... some things of note:

(intentional or unintentional)
There is a lot of messianic speaking throughout the video.  Talk of his message of Freedom and how his way seems to be superior.  As though its a sort of religion and whatnot.  Based in a personal peace and deliverance from what ails you.  A sort of on the road snake salesmen big on talk but short on results. (much of which just comes with the territory)

He goes on to sort of decry the efforts of others within the Freedom movement (in the philosophic sense) while simultaneously lifting them up just beneath his efforts.  That is a bit of arrogance.

Say what you will about the efforts of those before you but its hard to walk down the road paved by others and say "Well I would have done things better."  or "His/her efforts could be better spent."

In essence, even a slow moving effort towards a goal is worth while.  It is progress (how we've grown to hate that term haven't we?).  Adam seems to have this fast swift moving world shaking idea, which like most political philosophies sound great, until you go through the trouble of effecting their change and embedding it within the culture.

He is right on many points however, that freedom comes from within you and becomes an example for people around you to adopt or throw off.  That without living your ideas and personal philosophies you're as empty as those you hold in contempt of your chosen way of life.

Freedom is fearless.  Its the only possibility.  Not in the sense that you are unafraid come what may; but rather, you are brave enough to realize the possibility that you can be in control of your own life without help or ushering from the State apparatus.

I also felt like I heard some clap tracks on this video towards the end.  Perhaps there were none, but the last half hour seem'd to have a sort of inorganic clap playing when he said key words.  Keep in mind he did work in Public Affairs and what he does IS a form of Public Relations (a kind word for Propaganda).  It would be mighty short sighted to have learned techniques within this field and abandon them on the whole.

In any case, this is my analysis.... take from it what you will.  Regardless I shall endevour to spread the message of Liberty and Freedom at every available instance.  I shall attempt to help people to think in whatever way helps them to realize their personal philosophies.... even if it is only social commentary.  Every little bit helps.

Free your mind follow no one.

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