April 29, 2015

A Second Look at America

I first want to say that I love my country, I have simply grown to dislike what she has become.  I go without sleep for the cost to Freedom that she has enacted upon humanity.  I was asked within the frame of the question "List for me why America is Crap."  This is my response:

America is crap because people don't care anymore. Over time we learned that if someone has what we want or need, we can just pump poor folks with the promise of a better life and they'll go in and murder whomever we need with the simple use of really baseless propaganda.

America is crap because even though we talk about these ideals of freedom, liberty and equality, we use unequal means to maintain this sleeping American dream. America is crap because there hasn't been one war we've been involved in since the inception of this country that was based on an actual real need to sacrifice life for the chance of real freedom.

We murdered and subjugated the Native Americans, Enslaved Africans, brute forced the Latin nations into third world status, Annihilated the Japanese, turned our backs on the Russians, Used the Europeans, forgot the Irish, Kiss the ass of the Jews, murder the middle east, cage the Cubans, demoralized the Vietnamese, brought terror to the pacific islands, turned on the French and a host of other needless police and military actions that cost easily hundreds of millions of lives predicated upon the idea of freedom.

There isn't a piece of the Globe that isn't touched by American imperialism, there isn't one computer, ruler, man woman or child that isn't the potential enemy of the mighty US dollar and shadow government. The United States is the biggest cause of enslavement, death and suffering this world has ever seen. It commits the most atrocities, spends more money on death and prosecutes the least amount of persons responsible for such things that "Justice" has now become something you watch on court TV as senseless drones carry on about all the crap cheap Chinese labor and grand american Capitalism told them they need not live their lives without.

The United States is crap because we all know that we're being subjugated and that we're marching our war machine all across the planet at a trillion dollars a gallon passing the buck off to future generations and we do nothing. We have not the courage required to challenge the beast that is the United States government because it would require us to retire our Facebook, twitter and youtube accounts, challenge our individual minds with personal philosophical and ethical questions that would make our conscience sick. So the cognitive dissonance will continue because I-phone, Walmart, Cheeto, Coca-cola.

Murica!! Freedom cost a buck-o-five.

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