November 21, 2014


‘Is Our Children Learning?’
By: Marine Veteran Dan Restivo

 Are children failing school, or is school failing them? In the midst of constant talks of education reform, that is the question that should be asked. The American education system fails to truly teach most children. Historically, our education system was not designed to produce self-reliant individuals, but rather subordinate workers. The cause and effect of a rigid curriculum and forced education on children is detrimental to the creative mind and is no way to successfully educating (sic) children.

The Sobering Reality that America is Not Number One

I want to be clear when I say that the United States is my home.  It is where I was born, it is where I live and it is where I will die.  I love my home so much that I served in the United States Marine Corps because I believe in the ideals of Liberty and Freedom.  It is precisely because of this that I bring you the following information.