November 13, 2014

The Decline and Fall of the American/Roman Empire

Nothing New Under the Sun, Especially With Leviathan

The Last Stoic by Morgan Wade Hidden Book Press, 2011 $2.99 for Kindle; $22.50 and 254 pages in the hard copy.
It’s become a truism that America is following the road to depravity, dictatorship, and brutality that ancient Rome paved. As the Feds sped down that path in 2001 with their War on Terror, a Canadian writer perused Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Gibbon was “a rich and rewarding read,” Morgan Wade tells us in his Author’s Note for The Last Stoic. “But what struck me most, in passages describing how the ancient ‘golden age’ had passed from prosperity and relative peace to decay and continual war, is how closely the trajectory of the contemporary American empire mirrors that of the Roman empire.”

Defend Liberty!!

Defending Liberty “At Every Hazard, To The Last Extremity”

August 3, 1777 fell on a Sunday, just as it did yesterday. But that sultry Lord’s Day was far from peaceful in the Mohawk Valley of western New York. Instead, a motley regiment of some 700 Redcoats and Hessians marched with 1000 Oneida Indians on a fort the British Empire had formerly controlled. Inside squatted 750 rebels against that empire, desperately determined to prevail. And no wonder: that morning, they’d received a graphic preview of their fate if conquered when scouts stumbled across one of the fort’s suppliers. The man had been “wounded through the brain, stabbed in the right breast and scalped. He was alive when found and brought to the garrison, but died shortly after.”

The Great Father, a Terrifying Narcissist

Am i Supposed to be Afraid of This?

When there are no successes to point towards as a reason to be confident in one’s government, the Great Father can be counted on to use fear of a scary enemy to rally the people. A lie can go around the world twice before the truth has even tied its shoes. The Great Father knows this and he also knows that it’s best to have a few enemies waiting in the wings to distract the American people. To be sure, certain among the American people (the species Ovis aries americanus) will fall for this every time. Which is why it remains effective and American foreign policy infomercials succeed in selling wars without genuine objectives. In fact, were U.S. foreign policy a product, it would be sold on late-night infomercials along with spray-on “hair”, vegetable slicers, and compilation CDs of 1970s hits. And if you purchased it, you would get a few wars, absolutely free. Let’s have a look at some of the Great Father’s latest products.