November 11, 2014


Americans have long had a love affair with war.  There is always some justification for our involvement in a war, but seldom do we look at the politics leading us there... especially after the fact.

We often remember what we did during the war rather than what led us there or even what led our enemy's to their action as a direct result.  We've been involved in wars to fight "the red", "replace tyranny with democracy" or to "defeat terrorism", but could these wars have been prevented?  Would we have been better off having avoided conflict?  Many questions like these simply can not be answered, but I will bring to your attention certain actions that led us to war that could have been prevented but instead were allowed to happen.


Its all part of the American exceptionalism narrative. Its the one thats supposed to make you feel like shit for wanting service members to be safe and out of harms way. They prostrate the military at every public event to remind you that you fucking suck. That you are a low class citizen without the stones to kill evil. Thats the narrative anyway.

I think that wanting reason and justice for the men and women that serve is more noble than wanting them to blindly follow orders to kill people that we simply don't like.

The war in Afghanistan was to fight a made up enemy funded by us at least and to catch a man that was not proven guilty at best. The war in Iraq was an opportunist assault on a lifestyle for control of a region and had no reason or right to even take place. And now that they created a mess over there and still continue to create a mess, we parade our worn and weary as some sort of reason to continue bombing the shit out of countries in order to support an Imperialist agenda.

Now we're picking a fight with Russia... and I guess I'm suppose to rabble rouse with the rest of them and ask that we "do something!!" to combat a country that we're forcing to react to our terrible foreign policy. When throwing a shit ton of money at a problem doesn't work... throw a bunch of poor disillusioned idiots at the problem and hope that some of them become wounded and killed so you can get your justification for conquest. Force the populace to clamor for justice not for the first action but the result of a hasty decision.

And then when our broken, wounded and dead come home, throw them away like the used cartridges of war. Propaganda bullets fired in the name of wealth and global dominion in the form of blind patriotism and poor families looking for a way out of this tattered economy. Investigate them for learning the truth of war as only people who have been there can. Make them wait for care until they die. Create organizations that parallel those ads for sponsoring the children of some third world nation.