November 10, 2014


Armistice day originated in 1919 on the one year anniversary of the end of World War I.  It was officially observed in by the powers that be in 1926 and became a national holiday in 1938. It has undergone changes in 1954, 1968, 1971 and 1975.  Most would be surprised to know that other countries celebrate this same significance in and around the same time.

Yes it is one day out of the year where we honor Living Veterans.  The day that we put aside our petty trifles to observe that there are men and women out there doing the killing so you don't have to.  Only, on this day you're supposed to put your politics aside and revere the brave men and women that decided there is a future in waging war on foreign nations.

There are many fun facts that we talk about on Veterans day.  One being that there are roughly 23 million veterans in the US. We celebrate that there are some 171 VA medical centers, 350 outpatient clinics, 126 nursing care units and 35 live in facilities for veterans.

Some not so fun facts that we don't traditionally think about on veterans day are: