October 3, 2014


Who controls money?  Where is the value of money made and Lost?  The Federal Reserve is often the main actor on these matters.  The Fed ultimately determines who will be prosperous and who will not be prosperous.

The Federal Reserve, often thought to be a government entity, is tasked with maintaining and regulating the banking system and establishing controls on inflation.  Its most unique power, however, is its ability to print money from thin air.  It has no concern for the real value or its effects on existing money.

Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul notes in his book "End the Fed":
"Given that money is on half of every commercial transaction and that whole civilizations literally rise and fall based on the quality of their money, we are talking about an awesome power, one that flies under cover of night.  It is the power to weave illusions that appear real as long as they last.  That is the very core of the Fed's power."

Without these powers, politicians would not have the power to maintain limitless spending and ever expanding government.  In the long run, ending these powers would return America to a more fiscally sustainable path and restore sense to the free market; resulting in a real and better standard of living for everyone.

Continuing to expose criminal operations within the Fed will require an exploration of their actions both recent and in the past.