December 4, 2014

The US Prison System: A Nation of Sheep and Slaves

Police brutality is a popular subject lately.  It is forcing us to evaluate the purpose and scope of police in general.  Within this we must also examine what happens after police have done their job, in order to possibly see a motive for police behaviors that seem inexplicable.  In this instance I will show you how vast and disturbing the Prison system is in America.  With this information I hope to give you answers, many of which you will draw yourself, as to why police are violent and basically enforcers for the State run Mafia.

Let us begin with some startling facts about incarceration in the US.  As of 2013 the incarceration rate in the US was 754 per 100,000.  This works out to around 2.3 million people locked up in one form or another which puts us number one in the world for incarceration.  Though we only represent 5% of the world population, we imprison 25% of the world's prisoners.  The United States without a doubt needs to evaluate some policies regarding incarceration in general.

Much of the cause for the rise in the incarceration rate can be attributed to the War on Drugs, Private For-profit prisons, and increased sentencing laws (including the three strikes law).
When we examine the war on drugs we see that it accounts for around half of the rise in the incarceration rate.  These are individuals who have not committed any violent criminal acts and have not necessarily harmed anyone but themselves through the use of drugs.  Of course this wide cast net also includes drug dealers.

Prison privatization operates under a contract with the State for an occupancy rate of 90-100%.  What this does is essentially create a situation where the State must provide enough inmates so that these institutions do not go bankrupt.  If the State can not provide enough inmates, they must also reimburse the institution for any and all unused beds as part of contractual obligation.  I'm not sure how you can come to any other conclusions than an agreement between wealthy Prison owners and the State undoubtedly costs us money that might be better spent elsewhere and most certainly provides an atmosphere that encourages the state to imprison the citizens of this country.

Comparatively speaking, increased sentencing laws in the US are nearly double that of other modern nations.  This accounts for a large portion of the prison population through the use of the Three-strikes law and increased sentencing for apparently arbitrary reasons.  The Three-strikes law states that any person convicted of a crime three times will face 25 years to life in prison.  Nearly half of the States in the US have some form of this law, with a few determining that only felonies qualify for three strikes, and even some states saying that misdemeanor offenses qualify for three strikes.  The aim of this piece of legislation is to physically incapacitate habitual offenders via imprisonment.  This would lead some to believe that between the war on drugs, for profit prisons and extreme sentencing laws that prisons are fairly profitable.  I would say you'd be spot on.

Profits come directly in the form of cash, but they also come in many other forms.  When you consider that the average prisoner makes $0.25 per hour and can't avoid work for any reason what-so-ever you can see the profitability of nearly free labor.  Prisoners manufacture the following products:  All military helmets, ammunition belts, bullet-proof vests, ID tags, shirts, pants, tents, bags, and canteens.  They make up 98% of the entire market for equipment assembly services, 93% of paints and paintbrushes, 92% of stove assembly, 46% of body armor, 36% of home appliances, 30% of headphones/microphones/speakers, and 21% of office furniture.  Prisoners also manufacture parts for airplanes, medical supplies, books for the blind, lingerie, park benches and picnic tables, human silhouette targets, blue jeans, licence plates, canoes, and baseball caps.  They also train dogs for the blind and train wild horses for adoption.  This all magnifies the fact that private institutions and the State at the very least collude for the exploitation of cheap labor by essentially creating a slave population.

We can delve further still into the Prison-Industrial complex by examining the Kids for cash scandal.  A situation where Elected State officials were charged with establishing harsher sentences upon juvenile offenders in exchange for money from private prison owners.  Examples of violations that were given stiffer than normal sentences include mocking a principle on social media, trespassing in a vacant building and shoplifting.  In this instance the life of young juveniles were marred through political greed and for profit prison systems.  The judges involved in the scandal received more than a combined $3 million dollars from for-profit prison system owners and operators and resulted in the jailing of nearly 5000 children.  I can assure you that this is not an isolated indecent or circumstance.

Another disturbing attribute of incarceration in the US is the increased imprisonment of political dissidents and other political rivals of the United States Government.  The term for these political prisons is the very secretive Communication Management Unit (CMU).  Little is known about exactly how these facilities operate; as their main function is to extremely limit communication of members and prisoners with the outside world.  While the government maintains that it is simply an extreme super max style prison their track record does not give this idea strength.  In addition to this idea is the fact that Animal rights activist Andrew Stepanian, believed to be the only person ever released from a CMU details exactly what went on during his experience in the Oscar-nominated documentary: If a Tree Falls:  A story of the Earth Liberation Front.  Stepanian details the fact that he was sent to a CMU for his political speech.

In a time in history where income inequality, government spying, for profit prisons, corrupt DOJ officials, cops killing with impunity, torture, rendition, assassination and a host of other criminal offenses against Liberty occur on a daily basis we can see the need to expand the message of Liberty.  Police combine legislation passed down to them by elected officials that are lobbied or bribed to jail people for victim-less and non-violent crimes starting at adolescence and extending well into adulthood with civil forfeiture laws to subjugate the masses through fear.  These circumstances can not logically exist in a free nation.  For freedom and liberty are bound by reason, understanding and justice based in law and general morality.  We can not look at the above information and conclude that the Justice system, police, State and general government have our best interests in mind.
We all know what the next step toward freedom and Liberty is and we must not let fear rule our decisions, but rather a desire for integrity, freedom, liberty and love.

Below are some links that explore some of the information discussed in the article above.

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  1. I feel like I need a flow chart but I suspect the top would certainly be our government. Hill has ties to private prisons. We should never make a profit off incarcerated people. The list of items the prisoners made was mind blowing. It would be good to know which companies use prison labor so we can call them out & boycott their products until they stop. Thank you.