December 24, 2014

Difference Between A Society And The System, By: Darius Radmanesh

A SOCIETY, is comprised of numerous family body's and the family in turn is made up of individuals. Essentially the core building block of any society is in effect the individual. The family is a body which is a natural and fundamental institution created by a number of individuals who gather together for the purpose of survival, friendship, kinship and security,whereby each family in turn has its own distinct individual identity, traditions and customs.
THE SYSTEM, however in contrast refers to a single social organism ( Machine ) which is void of any single identity, comprised of a mass of individuals who have no individual or independent entities, attributes or independent thought or functions. Whereby the individual no longer functions as an independent member of a free and independent society, but instead is simply a working component of a vast system which is implemented, and the independent society of individuals functioning so to forward the interests of the independent individual, is in its stead replaced with a collective system. Comprised of slaves functioning collectively towards a single and predetermined objective which is for the greater good or better good of the system as a whole. Whereby all principles of individualism or the family component are no longer viable or adhered to, but rather only the collective interests of the system as a whole is perceived as paramount and important.
Therefor we can conclude that the sole purpose for the establishing of society, is in effect to serve or to forward the independent interests and well being of the individual and the sole function of the system in contrast however is to serve the collective interests of all members within the system, whereby the individual and the principles of individual freedom and independence are no longer relevant and that the individual is always sacrificed for the interests and better good of of the system as a whole. Which means before tyranny or ( Slavism ) is to take root or hold over any society, all essence and principles of individualism within the society in question must first be terminated, before in its stead a system of suppressive collectivism can ever be implemented. Many perceive the definition of tyranny to be the physical suppressing and restraining of a people within society as a whole by the state.
However, the true definition of tyranny is essentially the suppressing or eradicating of individualism within any society....In other words..The most fundamental and most important component of freedom and liberty within a society is in effect the abundance and unrestrained level of individualism or individual thought which exists and is practiced in any society by its citizens ....And not just simply the physical enforcing of laws/rules or legislation upon the people as a whole by the state ...Ultimately the purest example of exercising complete individualism is no where better illustrated then at the ballot box within a free society...Whereby the individual exercise his or her right as a individual expressing his or her personal view or opinion in either support or opposition to a purposed legislation/law or a candidate running for public office.

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