December 24, 2014

Difference Between A Society And The System, By: Darius Radmanesh

A SOCIETY, is comprised of numerous family body's and the family in turn is made up of individuals. Essentially the core building block of any society is in effect the individual. The family is a body which is a natural and fundamental institution created by a number of individuals who gather together for the purpose of survival, friendship, kinship and security,whereby each family in turn has its own distinct individual identity, traditions and customs.

December 21, 2014

Planned Obsolescence: Everything You Own is Designed to Fail.

What is Planned Obsolescence?  It is the deliberate design or plan to make a consumer item obsolete, break, cease to be fashionable or otherwise useful in order to decrease the length of the "replacement cycle."  This practice is cleverly measured against creating the lasting need of the consumer for the product but to also establish trust in the use of the product while also being able to force the consumer to buy another product within an established time-frame.

December 4, 2014

The US Prison System: A Nation of Sheep and Slaves

Police brutality is a popular subject lately.  It is forcing us to evaluate the purpose and scope of police in general.  Within this we must also examine what happens after police have done their job, in order to possibly see a motive for police behaviors that seem inexplicable.  In this instance I will show you how vast and disturbing the Prison system is in America.  With this information I hope to give you answers, many of which you will draw yourself, as to why police are violent and basically enforcers for the State run Mafia.