November 22, 2014

Why Should YOU be a Citizen Journalist?

The importance of Citizen Journalism has never been more important than RIGHT NOW in this very moment that you're reading these words.  In an age where six corporations control 90% of the media it is paramount that the narrative is not also controlled for the sake of views and money.

Its no myth that each network has their own political bent.  Everyone knows that FOX speaks for Conservatives, while MSNBC and CNN speaks for Progressives.  Within these news sites comes a sort of reporting that tells you what to think rather than asks you what you think.  Panels of individuals sit around a desk and talk over one another arguing for or against some extreme end of a political question.  They clamor about objectivity but the fact remains that their channels are littered with "Experts, Professional Correspondents" and a host of other appeals to authority that fly in the face of logical political discourse.

Many of these news sites utilize analytic devices to change their headlines so that they get more clicks.  They're not too concerned with the reporting, only that you're reading it.  I don't know about you, but I'm getting awfully tired of "Breaking News" reports where 'reporters' sensationalize and shout baseless speculation in order to make you fearful.

We live in a society where we are not asked what we would like to happen.  We are presented with some choices from government and media and told to pick one.  It is because of this false dichotomy and this tendency to promote the lessor of evils that YOU should feel compelled to tell the real truth.

What is life really like for you?  What are your real concerns?  Do you just go with the flow, the party, the false Dichotomy?  Lets say something about it Folks!!

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