November 21, 2014

The Sobering Reality that America is Not Number One

I want to be clear when I say that the United States is my home.  It is where I was born, it is where I live and it is where I will die.  I love my home so much that I served in the United States Marine Corps because I believe in the ideals of Liberty and Freedom.  It is precisely because of this that I bring you the following information.

As Americans we have a sort of blind hubris when we discuss ourselves and our nation.  We think about how great we are and we're not afraid to bomb some country to prove it, or shout in someone's face about it.  The sobering reality of the situation is that we are no longer a great country.  We are a nation that practices extraordinary rendition, torture, we have secret prisons, militant police, a broken judicial system, a corrupt government.  We spy on ourselves and the world and we punish the truth as some act of terrorism.

Why are we afraid to see the reality of the state of our Union?  More importantly if it is true that we are no longer a great nation, what are we prepared to do about it?

Below are some things that we're not so great at and how we stack up against the world.  I must remind you that there are 196 countries in the world.  And some of the fundamental building blocks of this nation are deteriorating.

Judicial: 19th
Property rights:  36th
Criminal Justice:  26th
Rule of Law:  19th
Healthcare:  11th
Infant Mortality:  136th
Life Expectancy:  42nd
Obesity: 18th

Personal Freedom:  21st
Access to Justice:  20th
Freedom of Press: 32nd
Education:  36th
math: 31st
science:  24th
reading/literacy:  21st
Sound Money:  38th
Regulation:  10th
Economic Freedom:  12th
exports:  3rd
trade across borders:  16th
median household income: 4th
labor force:  4th
Income inequality: 10th
Paying taxes:  47th
Construction Permits:  41st
Starting business':  46th
Ease of Doing Business: 7th
Getting Electricity:  61st
Registering Property:  29th
Getting Credit: 2nd
Enforcing contracts:  41st
Resolving Insolvency:  4th
Happiness:  105th
Corruption: 19th

Are these rankings okay with you?  What do you have to say about it?  Lets hear it in the comments below.  You can even post anonymously.


  1. I agree. I was born here as well and love this country but sometimes I have to ask myself, "what happened." It seems that the corporate America is running our country to the ground. I wish that the dollar would always remain the world currency but that won't happen much longer. Family values is nil and all the wrong things are put on the air further killing them. The collapse of the dollar will be horrible in a country with more firearms than citizens. I pray that a new government that doesn't give in to a central bank.

    1. You know... I don't think that we should always claim to be number one. Sure we want to be number one... but lets be real about our circumstances. Things need to get better. Not just in America, but all over the world.

      Part of that means not being number one in some things.

      Part of repairing things means we must be more tolerant. We can not fear the future and we can not fear the present. We must only fear our own inaction to help the people within our country, while maybe letting people outside the country take care of things themselves.