November 19, 2014


There was talk about an epidemic of Suicides within the financial industry and I decided to investigate.  Some of the information was never made public, but much of it was.

There is no definitive proof that any of these deaths were orchestrated and no evidence for a conspiracy, however you could say that 2014 was a bad year for the Financial industry.  It saw 17 suicides, 4 murders, 1 assassination attempt and 17 other deaths including a freak accident that crushed a mother of four to death.

5 Deaths in total, spanning from 2008-2014, were related to vehicular accidents or hit and run's.  Of the total deaths, 12 of the financial workers had ties to JP Morgan.  3 people drowned and some causes of death were unknown.

I'm not sure that this is evidence of an epidemic or indicative of some hidden plot but, it surely doesn't look pleasant.  Most of the causes of death have been finalized so any information that could be gained from an investigation has likely been put to rest.

There are however many stories and explanations as to the ultimate motive for these deaths.  People draw conclusions based on the amount of individuals thtat worked for JP Morgan.  Some people say that individuals were about to expose trading scams and were deceased shortly after.  As far as I've been able to find, no evidence for such claims exists.

2014 William Broeksmit- 58 Kensington London- Former Senior Executive Deutsche Bank AG.  Apparent suicide.

2014 Karl Slym- 51 Bangkok- Tata Motors Managing Director. Jumped from 22nd floor of Shangri-La Hotel.

2014 Gabriel Magee- 39 London- JP Morgan Employee. Found after jumping from roof of JP Morgan European headquarters.

2014 Mike Dueker- 50 Washington- Chief Economist of a US investment bank. Found dead near Tacoma Narros Bridge.  Apparently jumped from a 50 ft embankment

2014 Richard Talley- 57 Colorado- Founder of American Title Services. Suicide by nailgun.

2014 Tim Dickenson- 43 Essex- Communications Director at Swiss Re AG.  Circumstances of death are suspicious and unknown, however suicide is suspected.

2014 Ryan Henry Crane- 37 Connecticut- Executive at JP Morgan.  Suicide.

2014 Dennis Li Junjie- 33 Hong Kong- Banker with JP Morgan.  Jumped from JP Morgan HQ.

2014 Edmund Reilly- 47 Manhattan- Trader with Midtown's Vertical Group.  Jumped in front of LIRR train.

2014 Kenneth Bellando- 28 New York- Trader at Levy Capital and Former investment banking analyst at JP Morgan. Jumped from 6th floor apartment.

2014 Peter Schmittmann- 57 Amsterdam- Former CEO of Dutch Bank ABN Amro.  Killed his wife and daughter and took his own life.

2014 Lydia (unknown)- 52 Paris- Frend Banker. Jumped from 14th floor of Bred-Banque Populaire.

2014 Thierry Leyne- 48 Tel Aviv- Chief Executive of Leyne Strauss-Kahn & Partners.  Jumped from 23rd floor Apartment.

2014 Julian Knott- 45 New Jersey- Executive Director for JP Morgan technology network. Killed his wife and shot himself.

2014 Gabriel Magee- 39 London- Vice President JP Morgan. Jumped from 33 story JP Morgan headquarters.

2014 Naseem Mubeen- Islamabad- Assistant Vice President ZBTL Bank.  Suicide.

2014 Autumn Radtke- 28 Singapore- CEO of First Meta. Jumped from 25 story apartment.

2013 Michael Burdin-50 UK- Executive at Bank of America. Suicide.

2013 David William Waygood- 62 UK- Former Banker with HSBC and NatWest before becoming self employed in the financial industry. Suicide by train.

2013 David Rossi-51 Italy- Communications Director at Monte dei Paschi di Siena of Italy. Jumped to his death.

2013 Daniel Eicher- 56 Switzerland- CEO of ABC Verlag a greeting card company.  Suicide.

2013 Carsten Schloter- 49 Switzerland- CEO Swisscom.  Suicide.

2013 Pierre Wauthier- 53 Switzerland- Zurich Financial CFO.  Suicide

2013 Robert Wilson- 87 New York- Hedge fund executive.  Jumped from 16th floor.

2010 Jessica Fashano- 27 New York- Banker with Citi Bank. Jumped to death.

2009 James McDonald- 56 Massachusetts- President and CEO of Rockefeller & Co.  Suicide.

2009 Anjool Malde- 24 London- Equity sales trader with Deutsche Bank.  Jumped from 8th floor.

2009 Huibert Boumeester- 49 London- Board member and Chief Financial officer at ABN Amro. Suicide.

2009 Adolf Merckle- 74 Germany- German industrialist and billionaire from VEM investment company.  Found near railway tracks in southern Germany.  Suicide.

2009 Steve Good- 49 Chicago- Chairman and Chief Executive of Sheldon Good & Co. Found in car with self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

2009 Christen Schnor- 49 London- Senior Executive with HSBC bank. Suicide by Hanging.

2008 Rene-Thierry Magon de La Villehuchet- 65 New York- Founding partner and CEO of Access International Advisers involved in Madoff scandal.  Suicide.

2008 Steven Sueppel- 42 Iowa- Former Executive of Hills Bank and Trust company. Died in a fiery crash in the family minivan.  Also killed his wife and four children.

2008 Paulo Sergio Silva- 36 Brazil- Shot himself during a Trading session at Sao Paulo commodities and futures exchange.

2008 Kirk Stephenson- 47 Taplow (West of London)- Helped start and was Chief Operating Officer at Olivant Ltd. an investment company.  Jumped in front of a train.

2008 Alex Widmer-52 Switzerland- Chief Executive of Bank Julius Baer.  Apparent suicide.

2008 Karthik Rajaram- 45 Los Angeles- Former Money Manager and part owner of a Financial Holding Company.  Shot his wife, three kids and mother in law before killing himself.

2014 Juergen Frick- 48 Germany- Frick&Co. AG Bank.  Murdered Shot.

2014 Mohamed Hamwi- 48 New York- System Analyst at Trepp a financial data and analytic's firm.  Murdered Shot.

2014 Benedict Philippens- 37 Belgium- Director/Manager Ans-Saint-Nicholas.  Murdered Shot.

2014 Hussain Najadi- 75 Malaysia- CEO of merchant bank AIAK Group.  Murdered Shot.

2014 Robin Clark- 44 UK- RP Martin trader, "Wolf of Shenfield City". Shot and Survived attempted assassination.

2012 Rajvinder Kaur Gill- 40 (on vacation) Pakistan- Canadian Banker.  Worked for Merrill Lynch, UBS and EFG Bank.  Strangled.

Other Deaths
2014 James Stuart Jr.- 70 Arizona- Former National Bank of Commerce CEO- Cause of Death Unknown.

2014 Jason Alan Salais- 34 Texas- Tech Department JP Morgan.  Died of sudden heart attack.

2014 Richard Gravino- 49 Florida- Application Team Lead at JP Morgan  Sudden Death.

2014 Thomas Schenkman- 42 Conneticut- Managing Director of Global Infrastructure at JP Morgan.  Sudden Death.

2014 Daniel Leaf- 55 Edinburgh- Senior Manager at Bank of Scotland/ Saracen Fund Managers.  Fell off a cliff.

2014 Nigel Sharvin- 37 Belfast- Senior Relationship Manager Ulster Bank.  Managed portfolio's of distressed businesses.  Accidental Drowning.

2014 Tanji Dewberry- 37 New Jersey- Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse Cice President for WL Ross investment bank.  Died in a House Fire.

2014 Amir Kess-52 Israel- Co-founder and managing Director for markstone Capital Group.  Hit by a car.

2014 Li Jianhua- 49 China- Director of China's Banking Regulatory Commission.  Died of sudden Heart Attack.

2014 Andrew Jarzyk- 27 New Jersey- Assistant Vice President of Commercial banking at PNC Financial Services Group.  Dead apparently drowned.

2014 Joseph Giampapa- 56 Ohio- Lawyer for JP Morgan.  Hit by Minivan.

2014 John Ruiz- 53 New Jersey- Morgan Stanley Municipal Debt Analyst.  Died suddenly.

2014 Susan Hewitt- 49 UK- Deutsche Bank.  Drowned.

2014 Venera Minakhmetova- 24 UK- Former Financial Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  Hit by car.

2014 Sascha Schornstein- 26 UK- RBS commodity finance.  Missing after his plane crashed.

2013 Ezdehar Husainat-  35 Texas- Former JP Morgan Banker.  Killed in "Freak Accident" when crushed by her own SUV.

2013 Moritz Erhardt- 21 London- Bank of America intern.  Died of a seizure related to exhaustion.

2013 Guy Ratovondrahona-  Madagascar Central Bank.  Sudden Death from stroke.

2013 Joseph M. Ambrosio- 34 New Jersey- Financial analyst for JP Morgan.  Died of sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

2013 Patrick Sheehan- 54 New York- Managing Director for public finance at Wells Fargo&Co.  Also worked at JP Morgan and Citigroup.  Car Accident.

2013 Michael Anthony Turner- 48 (on vacation) Thailand- Manager of Preston's Santander and Career Banker.  Reported as cardio vascular failure.

2013 Benjamin Idim- 25 Abuja- Car Accident.

2008 Gavin Macdonald- 47 London- Global Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at Morgan Stanley. Died of a Heart Attack.

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  1. Suicide by nail gun... shot himself 8 Times! Guess he decided to torture himself along the way? Yeah... No sign of foul play there.

    All those folks found jumping from their work buildings... its almost an epidemic of copy cats. Read the declassified CIA KUBARK manual about how to make an assassination look like an accident... #1 method: a fall from a minimum height from a low window or ledge.

    Yup. No foul play there, just a truckload of bankers falling from a minimum height of 50ft up to the dramatic swan dives off Corp HQ in the middle of the day.

    You forgot the one 50's age banker who got home to the faimy and went for an afternoon run with fido and was NEVER SEEN AGAIN.